Welcome to Your New Adventure

The Far Lands is the definitive Minecraft Towny server. Make new friends, build epic bases, and become a legend.

What sets us apart

Player-run economy

Players run their own stores in which they can buy or sell whatever they wish. On top of that, the server has an Auction House.

Friendly, dedicated playerbase

We’re more of a close-knit community than a server. We like to have fun, chill out, and help each other out! If you’re looking for the best Minecraft server to make friends, this is the place!

Semi-regular server events

Are you an expert builder? A veteran pvper? Maybe a graphical mastermind? We hold server events for cash prizes, in game rewards and more!

Custom features

From a fully bespoke Discord integration to small utility enhancements, we strive to be one of the most feature-rich servers online.

Creative plots

We have a separate creative world for people to build whatever they want!

Latest version

Unlike other servers, we aim to be on the latest patch within 2 weeks of one releasing.

Vote for The Far Lands

Voting gets you vote points which can be used at /vote shop to buy spawners, ranks and more!

Voting also gets you $400 per vote.

Voting also contributes to the servers’ vote party, which triggers every 35 votes and gives 1.5x Jobs money and 2x Jobs experience for an hour, alongside other goodies!


Make sure to vote on all five links for the maximum rewards!