The Far Lands 1.17: Day 1 Recap

We launched the 1.17 update last night, and quite a lot happened! Thanks to all those who joined us yesterday, it was a lot of fun and an impressive start for a new adventure!

Everyone is Stinky

One of the new quests introduced in this update involved typing “I’m stinky” in chat to get a free diamond.

It turns out that people will do anything - including admitting to their stinkiness - for a free diamond!

People being stinky

Speedrunning the Ender Dragon

Players Hub35 and Marvin10000 managed to kill the ender dragon after only 4 hours! Congratulations to the both of them for achieving this so quickly, and only with iron armor!

A looooot of deaths

There were 90 deaths on the first night. That’s more deaths than I have fingers!

Building Foundations

3 towns have been made so far, but no nations yet - maybe you’ll be the first?

Join the fun

If you’re interested in joining The Far Lands, all you have to do is open your Minecraft and type in our server IP We hope to see you joining us!