Feature Preview: Valor

With 1.17 just around the corner, I wanted to highlight some of the new features being introduced. One of the ones I’m most excited about is our new valor currency, which acts as a player loyalty & reward system.

Previously, all of the “good” rewards - spawner eggs, bonus /sethomes etc - were locked behind the vote system. This works great in principle, but it puts a very strict time gate on players which ends up harming those most dedicated to the server. In order to get 10 pig spawners at its current rate, you’d have to vote 350 times! That’s 70 days with the 5 vote sites we have currently.

Introducing Valor

Valor helps us in removing this heavy time gating to instead reward players for their playtime. You can earn Valor in lots of different ways, including:

  • Voting (5 valor per vote);
  • Playing on the server (2-6 valor every 30 minutes of playtime);
  • Breaking blocks & killing mobs (1 valor, chance varies depending on block/mob);
  • Completing quests (2 valor per quest, 5 valor for harder quests);
  • Logging in every day (up to 10 valor per day);
  • Completing clue scrolls (currently 2 valor per clue scroll).

Over time, we’ll add more ways to get and spend Valor!

Valor Shop

Spending Valor

Spending Valor is as simple as typing /valor shop in game. A GUI will open which has different categories you can visit. Some of the rewards available from day 1 are:

  • Stat Trackers/Relics;
  • Bonus /sethomes;
  • VIP Rank;
  • VIP+ Rank;
  • Bonus Towny claims;
  • /trails chests;
  • Spawner eggs;
  • Elytras & Shulkers.