The Far Lands 1.17: It's Time for a New Adventure

It’s finally time. After what feels like the longest wait ever, it’s finally time to announce the new update.

On June 25th, you will be able to once again join your friends in a brand new adventure, with Minecraft 1.17, new Towny features, and loads more new and updated things. It feels like a fresh experience!


Complete quests on your journey to earn Valor, money, and more rewards. Take part in different quest lines - some humourous, and some more serious - to craft your own adventure throughout the server.


At long last, you get rewarded for playing the game! Valor is our new player loyalty system, allowing players to earn Valor which can be exchanged for all the same rewards from the /vote shop and more!

Clue Scrolls

More clue types have been added, clue scrolls now give you more items, and they now give you money and valor upon completion! Talk about a good deal!


There is no more hourly money limit. Grind to your heart’s content!