New patch schedule going forwards

The server has grown quite a lot - especially over the last few weeks - to the point where patches need to be coming out more consistently and also more frequently. Previously, I would apply updates when there weren’t many people online. However, nowadays there’s almost never a time when there aren’t many people online. On top of that, more consistent patching allows me to automate the entire process and make it hassle free for everybody.

As a result, every Tuesday and Thursday at 7AM BST the server will go down for up to one hour each time (however, typically far less!) in order to apply updates, change configs, check backups and perform routine server maintenance. The security and stability of The Far Lands are some of my top priorities and with this in place I can further guarantee both.

The first patch will be on Tuesday 4th August at 7AM BST - I aim to be implementing new plugins and bug fixes for the Discord integration here.

Thank you all for your continued patience whilst we get things squared away!