Patch #1 details - The first patch

Our first ever patch on The Far Lands is a big one! We’ve got quite a few new features, stability updates, and some balance changes to Jobs!


  • Added UltimateTimber - trees can now be fully destroyed from the bottom block! UltimateTimber also automatically replants saplings, so you don’t even have to worry about it!
  • Added CoordinatesHUD - a small HUD at the bottom of your screen telling you the time of day, your coordinates and the position you’re facing in! This can be toggled with /chud toggle in game.
  • Added Heads Database - this is a VIP feature that allows you to get decorational heads from the largest database out there! VIPs will be able to see them all with /hdb - please note that each head currently costs $50!
  • Added Armored Elytras - You can now combine a chestplate with your elytra to gain the properties of both!


  • Updated PaperMC build
  • Updated Discord integration, fixing a lot of internal bugs and keeping things smoother
  • Updated Discord links in announcements and everywhere else it’s referenced
  • Changed Woodcutter money and experience to reflect the new ease of cutting trees
  • Changed Miner & Farmer money and experience to more closely reflect the new money limit
  • Jobs money limit has increased by roughly 30% - a lot of people were hitting the limit earlier, so this should mean that grinding money feels more engaging
  • Changed auto AFK to properly take in after 5 minutes
  • Changed /back to work on /rtp