Patch #2 details - Jobs and Economy changes

We’re back with another patch after an overwhelmingly positive reception to our first patch! This week, the Jobs and economy systems were targeted. With these changes in place we get closer and closer to being “feature complete” for now!


  • Added default flags for LWC - by typing /cdefault <hopper|hopperin|hopperout|verbose> <on|off> you can change default flags for all future placed chests!

  • Added 3 new Jobs - Technician, Boss Slayer and Chef

    • The Technician job allows you to earn money by building redstone contraptions
    • The Boss Slayer job allows you to earn money by slaying the bosses of the world
    • The Chef job allows you to earn money by cooking and crafting food!
  • Every job now has more quests, each quest has been rebalanced and give generally better rewards too!

  • Added the ability to purchase (intangible) player perks for in game money! Typing /shop in game will open a custom UI where you can purchase everything from extra sethomes, bonus Towny claims, creative plots, and even WorldEdit in the creative world!


  • Updated PaperMC build
  • Updated Discord integration, fixing a lot of internal bugs and keeping things smoother
  • Some jobs have had their money values changed for being too easy to grind out
  • Some jobs have had their money values tweaked to pave way for the three additional jobs
  • Updating tree detection for Acacia trees
  • Updated RTP and Essentials plugins to allow for greater optimisations
  • The tablist should now display ranks as well as AFK players