Patch #3 details - Lottery, Clue Scrolls and More

Another week, another patch! This week’s patch comes with some very cool new features which should keep you busier than ever before!


  • Added Clue Scrolls! You can purchase random clue scrolls in /shop - there are a whole host of unique rewards, such as large amounts of money, music discs, valuables and more!
  • Added 5 new Jobs quests, thanks to our new Contributor program! Special thanks to kwisses, elivator, and takemetospace for these new quests!
  • Added a new lottery! This lottery starts every other hour, or alternatively you can start a new lottery at any time with /lottery start (note, this costs $1000!).
  • Added vote parties! Vote parties give a bunch of cool rewards, especially including 1.5x Jobs money and 2x Jobs experience for an hour!


  • Updated PaperMC build
  • Updated Discord integration, fixing a lot of internal bugs and keeping things smoother
  • All jobs have had their money values reduced by 20%
  • Jobs limit has increased by ~20%