Patch #4 details - Pets, Clue Changes, and more!

So it turns out that the clue scroll feature was pretty popular on the server. As a result, this patch is balanced on adding new collectibles whilst providing more opportunities to make money.


  • Added Basic Clue Scrolls! Basic clue scrolls are an easy clue scroll given to new members, and when voting on ALL sites in one day!
  • Added Pets! There are currently only ~10 pets accessible, but over time more will become accessible. You can collect some pets in game, purchase others, and receive some as donator benefits.
  • Clue scrolls now drop randomly from playing the core game - On average you should expect a few clue scrolls a day!
  • Added the ability to set the price to charge players for using your /pwarp! This feature can be bought on the /shop for $35,000! An absolute must-have for those with exp farms!


  • Updated PaperMC build
  • Clue scrolls now cost $4,500 in the in game /shop, down from $6,500
  • Vote parties are now fixed and work as intended
  • Clue scrolls have had extra rewards added to them, including pets, cosmetic rewards and more collectibles!
  • Vote parties now have a chance to give a random clue scroll!
  • The world border has been increased! The overworld has expanded by 5k radius, and the nether expanded by 2k radius. Get your exploring on!
  • Items have had their vote point costs revamped slightly due to the addition of 2 new voting sites
  • Player heads have been blacklisted from both sign shops and the auction house
  • New player kit has been changed to iron armour instead of leather armour
  • Jobs money limit has been increased by approx. $100 per hour
  • All income from jobs has been reduced by 5%
  • Lottery is now fixed and works as expected