Patch #5 details - Resource Worlds!

This patch is, compared to our previous updates, pretty small. However, we have a lot of balance changes!


  • Added resource worlds! There is a resource world for all 3 worlds (nether, end, overworld), and can be unlocked by visiting the main world equivalent.

These worlds automatically reset every 2 weeks, and cannot be used for basing. The idea of resource worlds is to provide players a place to grind the materials they need without depleting the overworld.

As a result, the following commands do not work in resource worlds:

  • /sethome
  • /t new
  • /t claim
  • /t outpost
  • /tpahere, /tpa
  • /pwarp

Also, please note that the nether resource world has a price of $100 to access each time, and the end resource world has a price of $200 to access each time! Keep in mind you’re paying for the ability to guaranteed resources in these worlds - they’re well worth the price!

  • Added /tpahere <playername>
  • Added /report <playername> <reason>, /ticket <question> to report players to staff and have a direct way to access all staff members. These features are long overdue!
  • Added optimisations for villagers and dense mob farms, hopefully keeping the server running smoother. PLEASE NOTE: if you have a large mob farm or villager farm that breaks due to this update, let me know ASAP!
  • Added Dynmap! You can see the overworld, including sign shops and town borders at (the map is currently active, but town borders will appear on Tuesday)
  • Added a new anticheat - we’ve had one previously, but it hasn’t worked as well as we’d like. It’s thoroughly tested, however if you get falsely kicked, warned or banned by the anticheat please contact us ASAP in our Discord.
  • Added four new pets, including our first legendary pet, the party parrot! This parrot is special - its colours changes every time you spawn it!


  • Increased drop rates for clue scrolls when breaking blocks
  • Vote parties have been increased to 25 votes, up from 20
  • All spawner eggs in /vote shop have had their point count increased by 5.