Patch #6 details - Towny Upkeep & Fishing changes

This week we primarily have a core change to how we deal with Towny upkeep. However, there are some extra things to look forward to!

Please note - there was previously planned to be a new /baltop system this week. Due to time constraints this has not been possible, but should be on course for next week.

This is the LAST PATCH before we upgrade to 1.16.2! From 15th September onwards, you will now need to be on a 1.16.2 client to connect to The Far Lands.


  • Added 4 new pets, obtained exclusively by fishing! Each time you fish an actual fish, there is a small chance you gain a fishbowl pet based off of the fish caught. Collect all 4 to become eligible to unlock a VERY rare pet later on!
  • Added XpBottler! You can now right click an Emerald Block to fill regular (no water!) glass bottles with experience! You can shift-right click to do an entire stack of bottles.
  • You can now gain clue scrolls from fishing!
  • There’s now a new menu in /shop for pets! Each week, three new pets will appear in /shop for you to purchase. Every week is a new set of random pets - so keep your eyes out for the ones you want!


  • Updated Towny upkeep algorithms:

Town - 10 + (2 * claimed_chunks) + (5 * number_of_residents)

Nation - 20 + (15 * number_of_towns) + (2 * number_of_residents)

These upkeep algorithms have been modified to make nations more exclusive whilst also keeping things fair in line with how the amount of money you can get has increased.

  • Tweaked pet & clue scroll rates slightly
  • Increased Jobs money limit by 10%
  • Reduced amount of money from each action via Jobs by 10%
  • You should now be able to make /pwarp’s in the nether
  • Reduced Towny bonus chunk claiming slightly
  • Changed vote party threshold to 35, up from 25