Patch #7 details - New /baltop, new pets & more!

With this patch comes something that I have been looking forward to release for a long time, and hopefully players feel the same way towards it.

Please note: this is a COLOSSAL update in terms of scale - nearly all available plugins have been updated! Some features may temporarily be disabled/glitchy - please report these to the moderation team via /report or in our Discord.


  • Added a new /baltop system! Instead of showing ACTUAL wealth, /baltop will now show DONATED wealth.
    • You can donate wealth via /baltop donate <amount>.
    • Your all-time baltop rank will now display in global chat
    • There is also a /baltop monthly, that shows for the current month
    • Starting October 1st there will be a monthly baltop donation competition! Details will be announced soon.
  • Added two new pets to be received from voting! One can be purchased for 200 points, and the other has a low (<1%) chance from being received by voting on any site.
  • Added a new /buy command which will show you the items we have for sale on our store, in game.
  • Added a new /patch menu, which will tell you what’s going on in the current patch!
    • A new MOTD will spam you every time you log in about the new patch notes.


  • We’re on 1.16.3! You will need a 1.16.3 client to connect from now on.
  • Some actions which previously did not give Jobs money or experience have now been added in.
  • Newly-created towns are now PRIVATE by default.
    • This means that to make a new town public, you will need to /t toggle open
    • This does not effect existing towns!
  • Player warps can now have 16 characters in their name, up from 10
  • Added a number of new global announcements that detail some of the new aspects of the server.