Patch #9.1 details - Halloween event, new chat format & more!

This is quite a big patch - so big in fact that it’s technically split in two! From this patch tomorrow, players will start to collect Halloween candy. This candy can be used once Halloween starts on the 1st - with a new vendor at /event tp.

Players can buy a whole host of items, with new items being added periodically over the course of the event. Including, but not limited to EXCLUSIVE Halloween pets, common trade materials, and some super-secret items coming later in the month :eyes:

During the event, you will also be able to find Halloween clue scrolls - these clue scrolls have the same challenges as a special clue scroll, but give you a bonus chance to roll on some Halloween exclusive clue scroll items!

Also - logging in from tomorrow until the end of the event grants you the Pumpkin Slime pet for free! Just log in from tomorrow onwards to receive it.

NOTE: There may be a prize to the person who collects the most candy…


  • Added the Halloween event!
    • This includes six obtainable pets: Ghost, Reaper, Halloween Cornellius, Pumpkin Slime, Pumpkin Swarm & Multi-Colour Pumpkin Swarm
    • All pets here are obtainable via in-game means only!
  • Added new chat formatting - now, you can hover over names in chat to see some information! Currently, the players town, their baltop rank, the amount of blocks they’ve mined and their Halloween candy earned display.
    • You can also click someones name in chat to start a private message with them!
  • Added new (unrelated) pets
    • Pets include: Sloth, Elephant, Baby Spider, Baby Enderman, Easter Rabbit, Dolphin, Panda, Pet Blocks
    • These pets will be further integrated in to the game at a later point.


  • The lottery should now output its winner in the #server-announcements channel
  • Internal tweaking to the chat filter
  • Updated plugins internally
  • Updated PaperMC build