Patch #9.2 details - Halloween additions, other changes

Later is better than never! This week comes with some improvements to the Halloween event, and some other bug fixes!

NOTE: If you haven’t already, now is a good time to /discord link Username#Number in game! Doing so grants you access to your private town chat channel, as well as giving you access to exclusive Discord commands (coming soon)


  • Added new rewards to the Halloween event: trails chests, VIP rank, VIP+ rank and a witch spawner!
    • Witches drop Redstone and Glowstone, making for a perfect passive farm!
    • Trails chests can be accessed via the “event” section on /trails
  • Added Sheep & Chicken spawner eggs to the /vote shop
  • You can now /lottery donate <amount> to add more money to the lottery, but granting no additional tickets!


  • Fixed the Discord integration
    • There was a brief Discord outage which caused the plugin to fail. This should now be resolved.
  • Halloween candy now drops 10-20% more often (depending on what block you break)
  • Halloween candy prices have been increased slightly on some items, to bring them more in-line with other rewards
  • Your current balance and how much candy is in your inventory now displays on the tab list, as well as the time left before the 2x multiplier expires!
  • Internal tweaking to the chat filter
  • Updated PaperMC build