The Far Lands in 2021

With 2020 firmly behind us we can finally start to take a look at 2021 and what that brings us. Today, I’d like to detail some of the plans and upcoming content for the server as well as the upgrade to 1.17.

Working on 1.17

Most of my work over the last few months has been internal - working on better monitoring, better internal processes etc - due to the need to automate parts of the server process.

In the near future, I would like to look at migrating our server to something better suited for our current playerbase - more info on this at a later date.

Server Resets

Currently, it looks like the vast majority of the playerbase wants a full reset. This includes the world, economy, and anything earned over the last year outside of ranks & other cosmetic permissions (eg: pets, trails).

Although I will announce a new survey closer to the release of 1.17, preparations are starting with the intention that the full server will be reset for 1.17. What does this mean?

  • The main world, main nether, and main end will be reset - the old 1.15/1.16 worlds will be accessible via a /warp, but you will not be able to build or break blocks in the 1.15/1.16 world once we have moved to 1.17
  • The economy, towns, ender chests, player vaults etc will all be reset - everyone will be starting from square one!

NOTE: None of this is happening soon! This will only be happening once we are ready to release 1.17.

New feature: Quests

This is something I originally planned to release during 1.16 but never had the time to finish the configuration & testing. Quests will primarily be used as a guided tutorial as well as providing daily quests for players.

There will be four main quest lines:

  • Survivalist - create a home, survive the night, discover a village and more!
  • Farmer - plant some crops, harvest some animal products & create a netherite hoe
  • Settler - visit a town, join or create a town, own a plot of town land and more!
  • Marketer - create shops, sell your items and more!

Each quest line will award approximately $5,000 at launch, as well as some useful items.

There will also be a set of daily quests and a weekly quest. Daily quests are simple “collect X resource” or “kill X mob” quests, but offer some easy money and are also a good source of Valor. Weekly quests are more involved and may require gathering multiple resources or teaming up, but again will be a good source of easy money and Valor.

New feature: Valor

With the 1.17 upgrade will also come a new meta-currency in the form of Valor.

Valor is a new system that will replace vote points as well as some other useless meta currencies, and provide a universal and consistent way to earn rewards on the server.

In short:

  • Vote points will become Valor
  • Everything in the /vote shop will cost ~10x more than they do currently
  • New items will be available to purchase with Valor
  • Valor can be earned in lots of ways - logging in, doing quests, doing clue scrolls, voting etc.
  • Half of your Valor will be converted to in game money at a rate of 1 Valor:35 dollars every 3 months, to incentivise spending

Feature rework: Clue Scrolls

In 1.17, clue scrolls are going to be a better source of items and income for the player.

As a rough indication of the current clue scroll changes:

  • Basic clue scrolls will give 1 extra item as well as having every items’ quantity reduced slightly
  • Mystery clue scrolls will also give 1 extra item and will have some extra items added to each tier
  • Clue scrolls in general will also give you a completion bonus every time you complete a clue scroll ($100 for basic clue scrolls, $250 for common clue scrolls, $300 for special clue scrolls and $500 for legendary clue scrolls)

Feature rework: Jobs

Jobs have always been a bit of a weird one to balance, and 1.17 will be coming with some major changes to jobs’ balance.

In short:

  • The hourly money cap will be gone. Instead, players will earn a fixed 25% of their usual money after they have hit their existing money cap
  • Mining rewards have all been reduced by roughly 15%
  • Explorer rewards have all been reduced by roughly 25%
  • Enchanter, Hunter, Boss Slayer and Chef have all had their money increased by roughly 20%
  • All jobs will be harder to level up

New feature: Artifacts

Artifacts are super rare, situational tools that will give players unique buffs when used. Artifacts are found simply by playing the game - however, they are very rare!

Some example Artifacts:

YEP ROCK, Stone Pickaxe

  • Efficiency 1
  • Unbreaking 10
  • Mending
  • Special Use: mines a 3x3x3 area (27 blocks total) instead of a 1x1 area; takes durability damage for each block

The Hand of Truth, Gold Sword

  • Smite 2
  • Sharpness 2
  • Unbreaking 10
  • Mending
  • Special Use 1: does double fire damage
  • Special Use 2: has a small chance to drop gold items when killing a mob

New feature: Relics

Relics will be able to be placed on to tools and weapons to track stats. For example, you can add a Diamond Tracker relic to your pickaxe to see how many diamonds it’s mined!

Quick notes:

  • You can add any number of relics to a tool
  • The attached relics will track from the moment they’ve been added to the tool, regardless of who originally added the relic

And more?

As always, feature suggestions can be made in the #suggestions channel of our Discord server. If you have an idea that you’d like to see on the server, please don’t hesitate to post it!

A true thank you

Thank you to everyone who continues to play The Far Lands. There are a lot of things planned and I could not be more excited to see where we end up with all of this. 2020 may have been a turbulent year but I hope that 2021 proves better for us!