If you haven’t already joined the server, start by following this guide on how to join The Far Lands.


Once you have joined for the first time, you’ll spawn inside a cave with some floating text. Follow the cave and read the text to gain a brief introduction to the mechanics of The Far Lands.


By following the cave, you’ll learn about the core mechanics of The Far Lands:

  • Jobs
  • Chest Locks
  • Towns

Once you leave the cave, you’ll be greeted with this:


From here, you’re free to do what you wish!

If you wish to play survival, then use/rtp to teleport somewhere random in our survival world.

If you wish to play creative, then use /ps auto to claim a new plot in our creative world. You’ll automatically be teleported there!

If you’ve joined a town in survival, you can access the town via /t spawn. Please see our page on Towny commands and features (need link) to learn more about how Towny works!