The server has multiple commands that allow the teleportation of players.

If you want to teleport to other players to trade or just play together just type /tpa <playerName> in chat and you will be teleported with a 3-second delay after they accepted. Players who bought VIP from the store ( or in-game shop don’t have any teleportation delay. You aren’t allowed to move during this time or the teleport will cancel.

If you want to teleport a person to you type /tpahere <playerName> and wait for them to accept.

You can accept or decline incoming teleportation requests by typing /tpaccept or /tpdecline.

Teleportation isn’t limited to only players. You can also teleport to town spawns /t spawn <townName> or nation spawns ****/n spawn <nationName>. Town and nation spawn teleports don’t have any delay but have a 25-second cooldown if you want to teleport to another town/nation.

If you are lost and want to go back to spawn simply type /spawn and you are going to be teleported immediately.