In The Far Lands, we have introduced a questing system. These quests are made with the intention to provide users more fun ways to spend their time, as well as give cool rewards.

Starter Quests

The first time you join, you will have an initial quest called Welcome To The Far Lands. This quest will be automatically given to you, and you’ll see what you need to do on the scoreboard to the right of your screen. To complete the quest, all you need to do is type /rules.

Once you have completed the initial quest, you can follow the newbie questline by accepting the next quest, Getting Started.

Accepting Quests

To accept a quest, type /quests to open up the quests interface. From there, click the book titled “Not Started Quests”. On the left hand side you’ll see all the quests available to you, simply click the quest to start it.

Declining Quests

If you no longer wish to do a quest, you can cancel it through the same /quests interface. Keep in mind that doing so will lose all your progress in that quest!

Quest Rewards

Quests will give you experience, money and valor, but some may also give you item rewards or other fun items. Some may even give you pets!

Quest Progress

Quests are designed in “stages”, which means that progression only counts for the stage you’re currently on. You can see what you need to do for the stage in the scoreboard.