Towny is a Minecraft plugin that offers a flexible town and nation system. It takes some getting used to, but it’s a fantastic way to experience survival Minecraft. You can find out more about how Towny works here.

Creating a Town

To create a town, all you need to do is type /town create <townName>. This will create a town and assign you as the Mayor.

Expanding a town

If you’re the mayor or assistant in a town, you can claim land for your town. To do so, a few conditions need to be met:

  • The chunk must be next to an existing chunk that you own
  • The chunk must not be owned by another town
  • Your Towny bank must have enough money to purchase the chunk
  • Your town must not be bankrupt

If you meet all of those conditions, you can /town claim to purchase the chunk for your town.

Town Permissions

In The Far Lands, we modify the default town permissions to provide a better experience. By default, only assistants or higher may build in a town chunk. This is because we’ve had issues in the past with residents griefing, and it encourages players to create town plots for their residents.

You can view your town permissions by typing /town (provided you are in a town). If you’re a mayor, you can modify the town permissions with /town set (resident|ally|outsider) (build|destroy|switch|itemuse) (on|off).

Joining a Town

In The Far Lands, towns are private by default. This means that they’re invite only. If you’d like to join someones town, first ask them to invite you (/town invite <playerName>). You can then /town accept or /town decline.

Some towns however are public - in those cases, you can simply /town join <townName>. However, keep in mind that you may not be able to build in the town until you’re given a plot or permission.

Discord Integration

In The Far Lands, we have a Discord integration that allows us to send messages to private town channels. Every town gets their own town channel, which is only accessible to people who are in that town. To access your town Discord channel, you’ll need to link your Discord and Minecraft accounts.