1. No griefing

Regardless of whether or not a build is protected, deliberately destroying someones’ work without the express permission of the build creators is disallowed.

Punishment: Ranging from kick to permaban.

2. No auto clickers

Autoclicking to take advantage of a mob farm, or a fish farm or any other sort of farm is not allowed. This includes unplugging your mouse or weighing it down.


  • First offence - kick
  • Second offence+ - tempban

3. No cheats, x-raying or other unfair game modifications

If it can’t be achieved with the vanilla Minecraft client, it’s not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • X-Ray mods
  • Nuker, fastplace, fastbreak
  • ESP hacks
  • Killaura

This does not include Optifine or other optimisation mods. If you’re in doubt of functionality, please do not hesitate to ask in game.

Punishment: permaban

4. Use English in global chat

English is our chosen language for global chat. In private messages, town chat etc any language is acceptable.

Punishment: verbal warning, tempmute if continued

5. Swearing & offensive language is allowed, but keep it minimal

Use your common sense and try to keep conversations PG-13 where possible.

Punishment: tempmute

6. No slurs of any kind

You will get insta banned. We have a zero tolerance policy on any hateful speech.

7. No spam and advertising

We all come on the server to relax and have fun, and spamming isn’t what we want to see.

Punishment: verbal warning(s) and/or tempmute for spam, instaban for advertising